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Jan 17, 2017

Whatever Happened to the Bed Jacket?

Friends, when is the last time you saw someone wear a bed jacket who wasn't starring in a 1940's film noir?

The bed jacket harks back to a time when many women (Lord knows, not all) weren't in any particular rush to get anywhere in the morning.  A bed jacket was something to lounge in when you weren't quite ready for a full length robe (or peignoir).  Today, the very idea of lounging at all seems to have gone the way of the bed jacket.

The front copy on the vintage McCall's bed jacket pattern below aptly defines its purpose:

To look pretty in, to be warm and comfy breakfasting in bed -- 
or reading in bed, there's nothing lovelier than your hand-quilted jacket.

The bed jacket was part of a lady's boudoir, along with a (preferably large) vanity mirror, cut crystal perfume bottles, frilly nightgowns, and satin bedroom slippers.  It had a purpose, but a very narrow one.

Bed jacket sewing patterns were ubiquitous in the 1930's and 40's, still around in the 1950's and 60's, and had all but vanished in the 1970's for reasons you can probably figure out.  The woman who once would loll about in a bed jacket chatting on the telephone extension or sipping tea was, by this time, more likely to be running off to work.

Bed jacket patterns went out with old-fashioned ideas about femininity, daintiness, and Hollywood-style glamour.  Nobody wears a bed jacket for a Tinder hookup, right?  They were the type of sewing project that involved hand-sewn embellishment techniques like embroidery, smocking, and quilting which, I'd argue, many more female sewers knew how, and were willing, to do.  It's also a lot about finding the time.

In closing, friends, I ask you:

1) Do you now or have you ever worn a bed jacket similar to those above? 

2) Do you remember anyone you know wearing a bed jacket -- mother, grandmother, closeted uncle?

3) Is the modern day equivalent of the bed jacket, a) a snuggie; b) a sweatshirt, c) central heating?

Is it time for the return of this glamorous garment?

Jump in!

BONUS: Name the celebrities featured above for extra credit!

Jan 16, 2017

TUNE IN TUESDAY @ 7:30 pm EST for my LIVE interview!

Exciting news, everybody!

On Tuesday January 17 @ 7:30 EST -- I'm going to be interviewed on the online sewing interview show That Sewing Blab!

During the hour-long show, not only will I be answering questions posed by gracious hosts Dawn and Alethia, I will also be answering YOUR questions live.

To participate, simply click here.  *The show is hosted on Crowdcast and it's super easy to sign in.)

If you haven't heard to any of the previous episodes of That Sewing Blab, they're all archived on YouTube here.  How cool is that? 

I hope you'll be able to join us -- I'd be thrilled to see you there.

Have a great day everybody!

Jan 13, 2017

BIG REVEAL: The Completed African Wax Print Pants!

Readers, the pants are finished!

You can get a (much) better look at them here.  (And what luck to find a mustard-colored dumpster to coordinate with them -- what are the odds?)

Jan 11, 2017

Another African Print Project

Readers, what would you make out of six yards of this African wax print?

Jan 3, 2017

Jan 1, 2017

African Wax Print Project or "Happy New Shirt!"

Readers, do you remember the African wax prints above, which I purchased more than a year ago in the Garment District, along with a third, which I turned into the shirt below (one of my summer favorites)?

Dec 28, 2016

Modeling My New Summer Outfit!

Baby, it's cold outside but that doesn't matter.

You can see my just-completed summer pants and shirt ensemble here.

Dec 26, 2016

Last Outfit of 2016

Readers, having completed my tailoring and draping classes, this week I opted for a palate cleanser.

Dec 22, 2016

The Demise of Wolf Dress Forms

Sad news to report, friends.

The Wolfform Company, manufacturer of dress forms for more than 100 years, is out of business.

Dec 21, 2016

Ladies Tailoring III @ FIT: My Final Jacket

I think it's safe to say that of the seven classes I've taken so far at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Ladies Tailoring III has been the most technically challenging.

Dec 17, 2016

Draping II @ FIT: My Final Project!

Friends, my current draping class at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), which began at the end of August, ended this morning -- in a snowstorm.  It's been a long semester!

Nov 25, 2016

Peter Models the Bias-Plaid Cape

I did it, friends -- my bias-plaid cape is finished!

You can see more of my completed garment in all it's red, white, and blue glory HERE.

Nov 21, 2016

My Manscape Adventures

CORRECTION: The title of today's post should read My Man's Cape Adventures -- darn Autocorrect!

Nov 17, 2016

When Patterns Look (Exactly) Alike

I think I mentioned that we are creating a lot of cowl neck variations in my current draping class at FIT.
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